Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Owning a boat can be a thrilling experience. It provides an individual or family an opportunity to sail abroad and see the world. But the majority of all boat owners simply enjoy a relaxing day on the water away from the daily grind of their lives. All boat owners need to understand the importance of being adequately insured. Platinum Insurance Group can offer different boat/watercraft insurance coverage options that keep everyone safe onboard.

What Does Standard Boat/Watercraft Insurance Cover?

Accidents happen all the time. A standard boat/watercraft insurance policy covers your prized possession from vandalism, theft, and a collision with another boat or underwater object. The amount of coverage is dependent upon the different onboard features highlighted in the policy itself. Plus, the boat's time spent in the water each year will also be taken into account as well. The policy can be extended to cover other pertinent boat equipment like the anchor, oars, life-preserving vests, and portable fuel tanks. Commercial boat owners may include their fishing equipment and other work-related items.

The Importance of Personal Liability Coverage

Personal liability coverage helps with the cost of all damage done to your boat and if guests sustained any bodily injuries or property damage during the accident. The policy proves it's valued by paying for all necessary medical expenses for those guests who were injured in a boating accident, even if they were hurt boarding on-and-off the boat's deck. Also, personal liability coverage has a provision for emergency assistance, which includes towing the boat or watercraft to shore if it breaks down while traveling on the water.

If you're looking for viable insurance solutions that are tailored to your budget, then come on in and speak with a professional from the Platinum Insurance Group. We can provide several boat/watercraft insurance options. Each policy will contain coverage and other features that fit your boat safety needs on the water.

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